Sanitary sewer project to cost $587,500
Osgood Town Board applies for $293,750 grant
Cathy May - Contributing Writer

The Osgood Town Board is applying for another Community Focus Fund (CFF) Grant from the Indiana Department of Commerce. In the past ten years the town has received seven CFF grants totaling $1,750,000 and two Indiana Finance Authority Grants totaling $525,000. The grant amounts have ranged from $10,000 in 1997 for a planning grant to study the town's storm sewer, to $500,000 in 1999 for Storm Drainage Improvements.

Other grants include: 2002 -
$420,000 for the Southside Sidewalk Improvement Project, 2001 - $310,000 for Water Systems Improvements; 2002 - $50,000 for a Sewer Planning Grant, 1995 - $100,000 for the community center (town hall), 1994 - $360,000 for the Water System Improvement Project,
and in 1995 - $225,000 and 1996 - $300,000 for the Housing Rehab grants. In a telephone interview with Julie Berry of Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning, who provided these statistics, she stated, "Osgood has had as much success as any community in Southeastern Indiana with
Community Focus Fund grants." However, their last request for a CFF grant in 2003 for a Storm Drainage Project was denied.

This time the town is asking for $293,750 for the Wastewater Inflow and Infiltration of its sanitary sewer. This is a $587,500 total project with $243,750 coming from the Reynolds Foundation and another $50,000 from the Rising Sun Regional Foundation.

A public hearing was held on the grant at the beginning of the regular monthly meeting of the Osgood Town Board on August 17. Jodi Comer of Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning conducted the hearing. The project will include slip lining 8,100 feet of the sewer line, which is made of clay tile. The problem areas will be in different areas of the town and will include Wilmer, Highway 421 and S. Elm. The town's sewer department has already completed about $400,000 worth of work on the project themselves. Also, when the lines were tested, many residents of the town were contacted to ask them to fix problems that showed up in the test, such as downspouts. These have almost all been corrected. The grant deadline is September 3. The town will know if they received the grant in early November.

In other business: an ordinance to vacate the streets and alley in Chaille Subdivision was read. This came at the request of the Osgood Amvets, whose building is located on this property. The line reaches from Columbia Avenue on the East to Highway 421 on the West and Olive Street on the South. A hearing will be held at the September meeting of the town board on the request.

Osgood Fire Chief Chris Lemen announced that the fire department is holding its annual pork chop dinner
on Sunday, September 12.

Clerk Treasurer Gary Norman announced that he will not be running for Clerk Treasurer. Tammy Wilhoit, currently the town's utility clerk, is running for the office unopposed. Jeff Volz, current town board president, recently won the Republican caucus and will represent the Republican Party on the fall ballot for the town board. Larry Winters will oppose him on the Democratic ticket.

The board approved a claim from Commonwealth Engineers for $4,562.31 for the Water Utility Vulnerability Study. This study is required by the Environmental Protection Agency every four years for the water plant.

The Osgood Library received a variance to place the steps for their renovation of the current Carnegie Library 1' 2" onto the town's sidewalk.

All three members of the Osgood Town Board were in attendance: Jeff Volz, Paul Struckman and Linda Krinop. Attorney Mary Ann Gay and Clerk Treasurer Gary Norman were present to advise the board. The next regular meeting of the Osgood Town Board will be held on September 21, at 7:00 p.m. at the Osgood Town Hall.

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