Sheriff releases Ripley County's Most Wanted
Wanda English Burnett - Editor

With approximately 350 active warrants on the books for Ripley County, Sheriff Bill Davison has taken an active position to try to reduce that figure. He has launched a campaign to get photos and information on persons wanted into the hands of the public.

Ten of the Most Wanted will appear each month in an issue of The Versailles Republican where readers can see pictures and descriptions of what the wanted suspects look like. (See page 4 inside today's paper).

Knowing the value citizens play in helping police solve crimes, Sheriff Davison noted that he believes getting the pictures before the public will be instrumental in helping to bring some of these felons to justice. "The citizens play a vital role in helping police solve crimes," he told The Versailles Republican.

People with information about the wanted individuals are asked to contact the Sheriff's Department at 210 N. Monroe Street, Versailles, or call 812-689-5558 or 812-689-5555. Callers may remain anonymous.

Noting that the sheriff's department takes a pro-active stance on warrant service, Sheriff Davison said, "we have a goal to actively serve an average of at least one warrant a day." That statement is backed up by statistics with the department serving 35 warrants last month.

A bulletin board is displayed inside the sheriff's department to the left as people walk in the door with wanted posters. Another display can be found in the lobby of the first floor of the courthouse in Versailles. Deputy Matron Toni Gray worked on getting the information together and helped with the bulletin boards. "Everyone has pulled together to help with this project," noted the sheriff.

Along with being published in county newspapers, the pictures of the ten most wanted for the month will be featured on the sheriff's website at: and then click on sheriff.

As suspects are captured, this will also be posted on the website and updated through the newspapers. Each month the pictures will change with new ones added.

"We are hoping through the efforts of a lot of people to take care of some of these outstanding warrants," concluded the sheriff.

A bulletin board of Ripley County's Most Wanted appears at the Ripley County Sheriff's Department and the courthouse in Versailles. Chief Deputy Captain David Pippin, left, and Sheriff Bill Davison, are asking the public to help them find these wanted felons.


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