Versailles Town Council asks for input on proposed courthouse annex

Beth Rumsey
Staff Writer

At the July meeting of the Versailles Town Council, council member Denessa Benkie announced that a few residents have voiced concerns regarding the proposed construction of the courthouse annex and the aesthetic of the town square.

Benkie reported that she has been in contact with the commissioners and requested the town council be allowed input on the project.

Construction on two shelters at the Tyson Memorial Sports Complex, donated by the Versailles Lions Club and area businesses, will begin soon according to Lions Club representative Jerry Gilpin.

Don Tankersley, sports complex board president, requested permission to purchase top soil to complete the soccer fields and the fourth ball field at the complex. The motion to approve the purchase was unanimously approved.

Marshal Joe Mann reported activity for the month of June. The department investigated three accidents, issued five citations and 52 warnings. There were 27 total police calls with 20 citizens assisted and three arrests made.

Members in attendance included Sue Meisberger and Denessa Benkie with president John Holzer absent.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, August 12 beginning at 7 p.m. at the Versailles Town Hall.