ISP gives school bus safety tips

Wanda Burnett

As schools begin this week, motorists will be contending with more traffic on the roadways. Buses will be picking up students in the early morning hours and again will be on the roadways in the afternoons as they bring them home.

Also, there will be an increase in traffic around the school areas as many students drive, and teachers and other staff come into the schools.

The Indiana State Police remind motorists to exercise caution when traveling in the morning and afternoon and to be on the watch for buses. Motorists should be alert in case a child darts out into the roadway. Traffic must stop in both directions for the extended arm on the school bus. This includes all traffic in all lanes in both directions on multi-lane roadways, unless there is a physical barrier, a median, or a dividing section constructed to impede vehicular traffic.

Police encourage parents to go over the following safety rules, especially those riding the bus for the first time:

• Don’t run around or play games at the bus stop.

• Stand well away from the roadway until the bus comes to a complete stop.

• If your child must cross the street to board the bus, urge them to make sure traffic in both directions has stopped before stepping into the roadway.

• A child should never try to retrieve any article they may drop boarding or exiting the bus.

• Children should secure loose drawstrings and other objects that may get caught in the handrail or door of the bus as they are exiting.

• Once on the bus the children should talk quietly.

• Keep isles clear and remain seated until the bus arrives at its destination.

Anyone who observes a motorist disregarding a school bus stop arm or other reckless driving behavior around buses or school zones should try to get a license plate number and description of the vehicle and driver if possible and call their nearest Indiana State Police Post, according to Sgt. Noel Houze, who is the public information officer for the Versailles District.