February 2, 2011

2010-11 Milan Indian coed swim team season winds down for seniors

The seven Milan Indian co-ed swim team members pictured at right from left include: (FES) Jamie Dockery, Adam Lee, Elizabeth (Ebie) Smith, Kaleigh Gardner, Samantha (Sam) Stabile, Nick Dixon and Zach Schmitt. Many of these seniors have become longtime, intricate parts of the Milan Indian swimming successes and coaches will be hard pressed to find role fillers for them.

Gary Franklin, Sports Editor

The Milan swim teams final regular season scheduled "boys only" meet with South Dearborn, Lawrenceburg and Switzerland County on Thursday, January 27, provided the opportunity for an earlier inclement weather forced postponement to be made up.
The end result was a positive one for Milan as the Indian boys topped their competitors with a 90 point outing. The Lawrenceburg Tigers finished second at 84, South Dearborn's Knights finished with 45 while the Switzerland County Pacers ended at 30.
The Milan Lady Indian swimmers capped their competition with a final score of 143 over the Lawrenceburg Lady Tigers at 58 and the Switzerland County Lady Pacers at 20.
Milan Lady Indian women event finishes
Lady Indian swimmers Elizabeth Smith, Kaleigh Gardner, Devin Riley and Ellie Roeder won the Womens 200 Yard Free Relay @ 2:06.43.
Lady Indians finished first (Elizabeth Smith @ 1:06.87, third (Rachel Smith @ 1:26.89) and fifth (Brooklyn Honnert @ 1:46.29) in the Womens 100 Yard Back stroke
Lady Indians finished first (Kaleigh Gardner @ 1:23.88), third (Sam Stabile @ 1:41.84) and sixth (Kayla McKenzie @ 1:57.33) in the Womens 100 Yard Breast stroke.
Lady Indian swimmers Jessie Minneman, Rachel Smith, Devin Riley and Christine Lamar won the Womens 400 Yard Free Relay @ 5:17.18.
Lady Indian swimmers Elizabeth Smith, Kaleigh Gardner, Rachel Smith and Ellie Roeder won the Womens 200 Yard Medley Relay @ 2:19.34.
Lady Indians finished first (Devin Riley @ 2:40.56, second (Ellie Roeder @ 2:43.93) third (Jessie Minneman @ 2:45.02) and fourth (Kelly M Hand @ 2:45.34) in the Womens 200 Yard Freestyle.
Lady Indians finished first (Elizabeth Smith @ 2:25.07, third (Kayla McKinsey @ 3:18.36) and fourth (Hayley Zornes @ 3:21.12) in the Womens 200 Yard IM,
Lady Indians finished second (Devin Riley @ :31.63), sixth (Sam Clark @ :37.92) and seventh (Sam Stabile @ :45.13) in the Womens 50 Yard FreeStyle,
Lady Indians finished second (Rachel Smith @ 1:28.01) and third (Christine Lamar @ 1:38.55) in the Womens 100 Yard Fly,
Lady Indians finished first (Kaleigh Gardner @ 1:11.14), second (Jessie Minneman @ 1:13.79) and fourth (Brooklyn Honnert @ 1:26.80) in the Womens 100 Yard Freestyle.
Lady Indians finished first (Ellie Roeder @ 7:23.32), second (Christine Lamar @ 8:03.09) and third (Sam Clark @ 10:04.50) in the Womens 500 Yard Freestyle.
Milan Indian finishes
in Male events
Indian male swimmers Adam Lee, Nick Dixon, Luke Lamar and Zach Schmitt won the Mens 200 Yard Free Relay @ 1:49.89.
Milan Indian Adam Lee finished second @ 1:19.11 in the Mens 100 Yard Backstroke.
Indian male swimmers finished first (Nick Dixon @ 1:10.03) and fifth (Jamie Dockery @ 1:35.24) in the Mens 100 Yard Breast-stroke.
Indian male swimmers Zach Schmitt, Jamie Dockery, Trevor Richardson and Luke Lamar finished second in the Mens 400 Yard Free Relay @ 4:38.73.
Indian male swimmers Adam Lee, Nick Dixon, Trevor Richardson and Jamie Dockery finished second in the Mens 200 Yard Medley Relay @ 2:10.76.
Indians Luke Lamar finished first @ 2:10.19 in the Mens 100 Yard Freestyle.
Indians Adam Lee @ 2:44.32 finished third and Trevor Richardson @ 3:08.09 finished fourth in the Mens 200 Yard IM.
Indians finished first (Zach Schmitt @ :26,49) and sixth (Jamie Dockery @ :29.82) in the Mens 50 Yard Freestyle,
Trevor Richardson finished third for the Indians @ 1:24.08 in the Mens 100 Yard Fly.
Indians finished second (Zach Schmitt @ 1:00.85), and third (Nick Dixon @ 1:01.10) in the Mens 100 Yard Freestyle.
In winding up the last home meet of the season, Luke Lamar won the Mens 500 Yard Freestyle @ 6:15.26.

South Ripley Raiders defeat Lawrenceburg Tigers during annual SRHS homecoming game

Gary Franklin, Sports Editor

Congratulations Julia Sizemore! Only minutes earlier she was named SRHS Homecoming Princess, however, even royalty must finish their work at SRHS. Sizemore is one of three statisticians for the Raider boy team games, Allie Linkmeyer and Becca Bodenberg are the other two. Thanks to them, game stats are promptly available once the game is concluded.

On Friday, January 28, in getting the festive SRHS annual homecoming evening off to a positive start, the Raider JV team delivered a two point win over the visiting Lawrenceburg Tigers with a game winning score by freshman Austin Halcomb, 36-34.
SRHS senior Rachel Mathes, daughter of Steve and Beth Mathes, graciously emceed the homecoming game activities which included a welcome to attending alumni, students and staff, along with the naming of this year's prince and princess and king and queen.
Prince and princess candidates representing the underclassmen included: freshmen Julia Sizemore and Garrett Adkinson, sophomores Megan Jeffries and Jason Dilk and juniors Lily Schumaker and Ethan Cumberworth.
Crowned princess was Julia Sizemore, daughter of Rick and Angel Sizemore, with Ethan Cumberworth, son of Jeff and Caroline Cumberworth crowned prince.
Candidates of the senior class for the honor of king and queen included: Shannon Adkins and Jon Grossman, Tayler Arney and Dylan Groves, Britney Browning and Cody King, Rebecca Swinney and Sam Stratton and Carlie Vaughn and Jerad Walters.
Crowned king was Sam Stratton, son of Mike and Janine Stratton with Tayler Arney, the daughter of Rodney Dorothy Arney and Retta Carlson crowned queen.
Following the homecoming ceremony, the Raider varsity capped the evening's festive atmosphere with a 10 point victory over the visiting Lawrenceburg Tigers by a final score of 55-45.
Varsity Quarter Scores
SR 15- 8 L'burg
SR 30-18 L'burg
SR 38-29 L'burg
SR 55-45 L'burg
Individual scoring
South Ripley Raiders 55
Brandon Sizemore 17
Jerad Walters 15
Blake Davis 9
Jon Grossman 6
Cody Federmann 5
Trey Sparks 3
Sam Stratton 0
Amos Taylor 0
Patrick Scott DNP
Jason Dilk DNP
Lawrenceburg Tigers 45
Jake Rennekamp 20
Jalen Obertate 11
Evan Schoeff 11
Chad Banschbach 2
Robbie Jackson 1
Evan VanStrien 0
Max Baker 0
Trace Snider DNP
Craig Garrison DNP
Morgan Baker DNP
Evan Werner DNP
Ryan Rupel DNP
Alex Panaro DNP
Myles Hines DNP
JV Quarter Scores
L'burg 10- 8 SR
L'burg 21- 21 SR
L'burg 31-27 SR
SR 36-34 L'burg
Individual scoring
SR Raiders 36
Jacob Mullins 8
Jason Dilk 6
Joe Dicken 5
Kyle Taylor 5
Amos Taylor 5
Austin Halcomb 4
Levi Yocum 3
Chad Anderson 0
Devon Tankersley 0
Tyler Rolf-Guerra 0
David Mayes 0
Lawrencebug Tigers 34
Trace Snider 10
Ryan Rupel 6
Robbie Jackson 5
Morgan Baker 5
Craig Garrison 4
Alex Panaro 3
#41 (No-name listed ) 1