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February 3 , 2011

Milan Indian wrestlers face competition at South Dearborn HS hosted sectional #24, three advance to Richmond regional

Gary Franklin, Sports Writer

On Saturday, January 29, the Milan Indians joined nine other high school wrestling teams to compete in annual sectional competition, with hopes of extending their season. However, opportunity ended as a team, yet presented itself to individual advancement earned by their three seniors: Adam Ison, Zeth O'Neal and Cory Jewett.
Senior Adam Ison opened his sectional bid with a 23-12 season record, earning a bye in his first round. Ison advanced from a first bout against Oldenburg Academy Twister Connor Cates with a 9-1 decision.
Ison claimed round three with a 13-10 decision over Brandon Thies of the hosting South Dearborn Knights.
Ison captured top honors among tribe wrestlers on the day, earning a spot in the championship round. Indian Ison fell in his final bout of the day to East Central Trojan Zach Hutchinson due to a fall in 5:41.
Ison advances to regional action as the sectional runner-up for his 160# weight class.
Senior Indian Zeth O'Neal opened his day with a bye, followed by his pinning of Union County Patriot Morgan Edwards in 5:04. O'Neal fell to Franklin County Wildcat Nolan Feller by a 4-10 decision.
O'Neal then earned a regional bid, wrestling to a fourth place finish in the sectional's 145# weight class. His last bout of the day found him short on the count by a 4-10 decision to Lawrenceburg Tiger K.C. Hedger.
Indian senior Cory Jewett earned the third spot for the tribe to advance individually in the 189# weight class. Jewett's championship determined drive all but vanished due to a cut over his eye in his second bout of the day. After earning a bye in his first round, Jewett defeated his Union County counterpart, Dustin Grimes, with a pin.
Jewett faced misfortune in his second bout of the day, falling by a 3-14 point count to Cameron McMullen of East Central, the result of a cut above his eye.
Jewett returned after a visit to the Dearborn County Hospital to pin opponent three, John Chase of Greensburg, in 2:26.
With an automatic fourth place individual bid to regional in his grasp, Jewett faced Franklin County's Matt Davidson, where he fell in 3:32.
From his last bout of the day, Jewett returned to the Dearborn County Hospital to get stitches, vowing to be ready for regional action come Saturday, February 5, at Richmond High School.
Other individual Milan Indian results
103# - No Indian entry
112# - Mitchell Meyer -
With a season record of 13-20 going into the sectional, Indian sophomore Meyer drew a bye in round one. Meyer fell by a pin in 28 seconds to Union County Patriot Cody Phillips, the eventual weight class champion. Meyer was pinned in fourteen seconds by Franklin County Wildcat Phillip Orschell, ending his day.
119# - Tyler Money -
With a season record of 17-11 going into sectional action, Indian sophomore Tyler Money drew a bye in round one. Money proceeded with a 4-0 decision over South Dearborn Knight Chance Evans.
In continuing, Money fell in defeat to East Central Trojan Brian Struewing , who won by a fall in 1:35. Money's third bout of the day ended in defeat with a 5-0 decision to Connersville Spartan Daniel McFarland.
In his final match of the day, Money pinned Greensburg Pirate Blake Wood in 39 seconds, ending his sectional efforts and season with a sectional fifth place.
125# - Nick Henry -
With a season record of 9-27 as an Indian freshman wrestler going into the sectional action, Henry drew a bye in round one.
Henry fell by a pin at 2:59 to the eventual weight class sectional champion, Zach Bottomley of the Connersville Spartans. Henry was eliminated from sectional competition following a 2-0 decision favoring Greensburg Pirate Christian Fox.
130# - James McNeelan -
Milan Indian junior James McNeelan entered wrestling sectional action with a season record of 16-12. McNeelan inherited a forfeit in his first bout against an Oldenburg Academy Twister, name unlisted.
McNeelan fell by a 2-11 decision to Lawrenceburg Tiger Collin Solomon. McNeelan's final match of the day resulted in a 2-4 decision favoring Greensburg Pirate Colin Rayner.
135# - Milan forfeit
140# - Matt Yatsko -
Carrying a season record of 17-11, sophomore Indian wrestler Matt Yatsko advanced to his second match following a bye in round one.
Yatsko proceeded, pinning Oldenburg Academy Twister Alex Johnson just 37 seconds into the match. In continuing, Yatsko was pinned at 4:54 by Franklin County Wildcat Jake McCoy, the eventual weight class champion of the sectional.
From the loser bracket, Yatsko fell by a pin in 1:21 to Greensburg Pirate Steven DeGroat. Winding his sectional just off the pace to advance to regional in fifth place, Yatsko won his last bout over Greensburg Pirate Evan Solgre by a pin at 3:37.
145# - Zeth O'Neal -
Carrying a season record of 27-6, senior Indian wrestler Zeth O'Neal advanced to his second match following a round one bye.
O'Neal proceeded, pinning Union County Patriot Morgan Edwards 5:04 into the match. In continuing, O'Neal fell by a 4-10 decision favoring Franklin County Wildcat Nolan Feller.
O'Neal followed with a 12-2 decision over South Dearborn Knight Jamie Barron. O'Neal's final sectional bout evolved in a 4-9 loss by decision to Lawrenceburg Tiger K. C. Hedger, earning a sectional fourth place finish and an invitation to regional action at Richmond High School.
152# - Don Hoffrogge -
Freshman Indian wrestler Donald Hoffrogge carried a season record of 18-12 into sectional action at South Dearborn High School, earning a bye for round one. Hoffrogge won his next match, defeating Greensburg Pirate Kyle Hammond by an 8-0 count.
Hoffrogge fell by a pin in 1:16 at the hands of East Central Trojan Andrew Lockwood, and finished his sectional bid when pinned in 2:02 by Batesville Bulldog Matthew Linkel.
160# - Adam Ison -
Senior Indian wrestler Adam Ison carried a season record of 23-12 going into sectional action earning him a round one bye.
Ison proceeded, earning the 9-1 decision over Oldenburg Academy Twister Connor Cates. Continuing, Ison claimed the 13-10 decision over South Dearborn Knight Brandon Thies.
Having wrestled his way to the championship bout, Ison had to settle for sectional runner-up, pinned at 5:41 by East Central Trojan Zach Hutchinson, the weight class champion.
171# - Nick Prather -
Milan Indian junior Nick Prather carried a season record of 13-15 into sectional action. Prather's second match ended as he fell by a pin in 2:22 to East Central Trojan Mark Brown.
Prather's last match of the sectional ended in his being pinned at 3:59 into the match by Connersville Spartan Brady Bolos.
189# - Cory Jewett -
Indian senior wrestler Cory Jewett entered the sectional with a season record of 31-3. Thirty wins in a season is a standard most wrestlers would envy, attained only by the sports best. Obviously, Jewett advanced to his second match following a round one pass.
In 5:46 Jewett pinned Union County Patriot Dustin Grimes. As anticipated, Jewett was off to a fine sectional start, at least so it seemed.
Jewett's next competitor would be East Central Trojan Cameron McMullen. No special threats anticipated, but the result of the match would devastate senior Jewett's hopes of a final year wrestling as he received an injury above his eye that definitely impeded his day's performance, falling 4-7 in a decision at matches' conclusion.
As a senior, Jewett knew opportunities would not come again next week if he could not continue. After a visit to the Dearborn County Hospital between matches, Jewett returned to defeat Greensburg Pirate Josh Chase by a pin in 2:26 while dawning much wrapping and a face protector along with his head gear.
Unbelievable, that is unless you know Jewett. Jewett fell in his last bout of the day to Franklin County Wildcat Matt Davidson by a pin in 3:32. Incredibly with the injury and all that had happened, Jewett earned an invitation to regional as the fourth place sectional contender.
Following the match, Jewett returned to DCH where he received 30 stitches, vowing he'd be ready come next Saturday for the regional at Richmond High School.
215# - John Halcomb -
Indian senior John Halcomb entered the wrestling sectional with a season record of 13-8. First round action pitted him against Franklin County Wildcat Andrew Brown. Halcomb pinned Brown at 3:25 into the match.
In his second match, Halcomb lost by a 4-10 decision to Connersville Spartan Jacob Hilsky. Halcomb proceeded, earning the 9-6 decision over Union County Patriot Cody Radar.
Halcomb was removed from competition with a loss by pin in 3:42 at the hands of Batesville Bulldog Kevin Kreuzman.
285# - Dennis Watson -
Carrying a season record of 14-10, senior Indian wrestler Dennis Watson advanced to his second match following a round one forfeit by an unnamed Oldenburg Academy Twister.
Watson fell by a pin in 12 seconds in his second match to South Dearborn Knight Jon Case.
Watson pinned Franklin County Wildcat Eric Widmer 34 seconds into the match, then fell by a pin in 1:31 to Greensburg Pirate Dillen Swango, ending Watson' extended season hopes.
Good Luck Milan Indian seniors Adam Ison, Zeth O'Neal and Cory Jewett at the Richmond HS hosted wrestling regional!!
The Richmond HS hosted wrestling regional is expected to get underway around 8 a.m.