Scott Ogden

DCS family case supervisor arrested

Wanda English Burnett

A Ripley County Department of Child Services supervisor has been accused of offering a woman information about her children who had been taken from her in exchange for sexual favors and illegal pills.

Scott T. Ogden, 28 of Greensburg, was arrested November 3 on the charge of Delivery of a Controlled Substance, a Class A Felony, Official Misconduct, a Class D Felony and Distribution of Obscene Material, a Class A misdemeanor, according to information from the Decatur County Prosecutor’s Office.

Ogden currently serves as the supervisor for both the Decatur and Ripley county offices of the Department of Child Services. According to the prosecutor’s office, the criminal charges stem from Ogden’s relationship with a mother who lost her parental rights of her four children as a result of intervention by the Department of Child Services. He was the family case manager in the case. Parental rights were terminated in this case and the children were adopted.

According to the Affidavit for Probable Cause, Ogden texted her requesting sexual favors, and indicated in return he would give her information about the placement of her children. He told her he would meet with her and take her to her children, who were about an hour and a half away. He had previously texted her a photo of his male genitalia.

Arrangements were made for Ogden to meet with the female on November 2 at the Greensburg City Park. The day before, Ogden had engaged in text messages with the female where she asked him, “you can’t get any pain pills can you?” Ogden’s response was “we shall c.”

The female, who was equipped with electronic recording devices to record any conversation between herself and Ogden, met with him at the park. While Detective Rudy Perez and Bill Meyerrose, Greensburg Police Department officers, were listening, along with Detective Tamara Watson of the Indiana State Police, they heard Ogden admit he had texted the obscene photograph to the female. He said he took the picture while he was in the bathroom at the Decatur County office of Department of Child Services.

Ogden told the female he would give her confidential information about the children’s placement, including that the children were in counseling. He said he had hired a private investigator to find out more information about the children. He said he wished to have “an intimate relationship” with the female. She asked him what he expected of her and he replied, “you know what I want.” When she pressed for more details, Ogden said he “wanted her friendship, but if there was sex that would be great.”

Ogden delivered hydrocodone pills to the female saying, “Merry Christmas.”

When Ogden was placed under arrest, he was advised of his constitutional rights, of which he indicated he understood. He signed a written advice of rights, and agreed to an interview.

The afffidavit goes on to say he admitted to taking the photograph of himself. He further admitted he had agreed to take the female to see her children, but claimed he had no intention of actually doing so. He admitted to giving her the pills.

Ogden, described as a public servant in court documents, was also the case worker in the Devin Parson’s case, a child who was allegedly beaten to death by his mother in Decatur County.

The supervisor of children was booked into the Decatur County Jail on a $50,000 bond, where he has already bonded out according to sources from the jail.

A spokesperson for the Department of Child Services said Friday, “DCS is aware of the charges and will cooperate fully with law enforcement.” They also noted they would follow all State personnel policies and procedures.

According to Fox59 news, Indianapolis, Ogden graduated from Franklin College in 2006 with a psychology degree. He was hired at the age of 23 by the Department of Child Services for the State of Indiana. The report notes that Ogden’s personnel file reveals he admitted to a 2002 marijuana possession charge and served one year probation.

A spokesperson for the State Department of Child Services told the Ogden was a family case manager and supervisor and had cases in Decatur, Ripley and Dearborn counties.

When asked about Ogden’s status as an employee, Ann Houseworth of the Indianapolis office of the Department of Child Services told the Osgood Journal, "Odgen was dismissed from State employment this morning," (Monday, November 7).

She went on to say the case was very disappointing and hopes it doesn't reflect on the good job that 99% of the caseworkers do. She said Ogden was dismissed per state personnel and DCS policy.ening if you haven’t purchased your ticket in advance.