Races are close, Sunman council member loses by one vote in election

Kari Moore
Staff Writer

Only 29.39 percent of registered voters in the voting precincts voted in this year’s election in Ripley County. There were 7,019 registered voters and only 2,063 voted in Tuesday’s election.

In the Town of Versailles, three precincts were able to vote. Democrat Kiersten Libby will remain the Versailles clerk-treasurer. The top three vote getters for the Versailles Town Council were Steve Mathes, Sue Meisberger and John Holzer. All three elected council members were incumbents in the race. Mathes took over when Danessa Benkie vacated her spot during her term. Cheryl A. Richmond will serve another term as Versailles Town Court Judge.

Voters elected to keep Republicans Timothy Brancamp, Gerardo (Jerry) Linarducci and William Vankirk as the Town of Napoleon council members.

Since no one had previously ran opposed to those occupying Sunman Town Council seats, this was the first time in 20 years for the town to hold an election for these positions.

Incumbent Wayne Jenner was the only Sunman Town Council member to retain his seat. Republicans Harvey Dobson and Jared Wolf were newly elected to the council. Michael Loren Wolff, the only Democrat on the ballot, lost by just one vote. According to Kris Schneider, clerk-treasurer, Wolff could challenge the vote and there could be a re-count.

Incumbent Gladys Moody was elected to remain the Town of Milan’s clerk-treasurer for another term.
Batesville elected Mayor Rick Fledderman for another term. This is Fledderman’s third win as Mayor.
The closest race in Batesville was for city judge. Democrat John Kellerman beat out Republican challenger Kristen Weiler by just a slim margin for Batesville City Judge. Ron Weigel will remain clerk-treasurer in Batesville.

Batesville City Council will have some new faces come January. Democrats Gene Lambert, Darrick Cox and Beth Meyers will make up the city council along with Republicans Kevin Chaffee and Robert Tuba Narwold.

Tuesday’s election was neither countywide nor statewide. Voting was only for those precincts holding an election. The newly elected officials will being their positions in January 2012.