Ordinances to be enforced
Violations Bureau operating in Osgood

Kari Moore
Staff Writer

The town council for the Town of Osgood met for its regular meeting on Tuesday, November 15. Numerous topics to be discussed were on the evening’s agenda.

The council announced that the Violations Bureau is up and running in the town of Osgood. Residents should be aware that the police department will begin giving warnings for violations of many ordinances. If residents are issued a warning for violation of the ordinance and are still not in compliance, tickets will be issued along with the imposition of fines of up to $250 per violation.

Ordinances include: excessive noise, storage of junk, solid waste collection and disposal, animals running at large, signage requirements, golf carts, standing water, weeds and rank vegetation, and line locates. For copies of the ordinances visit www.osgoodindiana.org.

According to the Town of Osgood’s Ordinance on Establishing Procedure for Enforcement of the Town of Osgood Ordinances, the town has authority under various Indiana codes “to regulate conduct or use or possession of property that might endanger the public health, safety or welfare; to capture and destroy animals if necessary; to regulate the introduction of any substance or odor to the air, or any generation of sound.”

Indiana Code 33-36-2-1 authorizes the Town of Osgood to enforce its ordinances by establishment of an Ordinance Violations Bureau and appointment of an Ordinance Violations Bureau Clerk. Dana Row is the Ordinance Violations Bureau Clerk.

Also on the agenda for the evening’s meeting was Shae Kmicikewycz with OCRA. Kmicikewycz gave a presentation on Main Street Communities. Indiana Main Street has been around since 1986. There are currently 105 communities that are a part of Indiana Main Street. Thirty of those communities have full or part time staff just for the Main Street Program, the rest of the communities are volunteers. This is a free program to communities and there is no cost to join. There are State Funds, Downtown Enhancement Grants, and Planning Grants, as well as workshops available to those communities that participate in the Indiana Main Street program.

In other news:

• The board approved to adopt Ordinance 2011-6 as presented. The Town of Osgood owns and operates gas, water, and sewer utilities. Indiana Code 8-126-1 requires persons to ascertain the location of underground utilities by calling 811 prior to excavating, demolishing, or digging. Any damage occurring to Osgood utility lines or appurtenances shall be paid by the property owner/renter prior to the reconnection of utilities. Failure to provide a locate ticket to the Town of Osgood after damage will result in a $200 fine.

• The board approved all water project claims that were presented.

• The board approved stormwater and wastewater claims presented.

• Eric Roush introduced Rob McIntyre as the new reserve police officer. Roush also reported the police department's stats for the month.

• The board unanimously approved to appoint Tammy Wilhoit to the Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission Board.

Present at the meeting were Tammy Wilhoit, clerk-treasurer, Norman Kappes, DeDee Holliday, and Linda Krinop board members, along with residents of Osgood.

The next meeting will be held December 20 at 7:00 p.m. at the Osgood Town Hall.