Holton to hear from Red Cross about
being a long-term shelter

Karen Reynolds
Contributing Writer

At the regular meeting of the Holton Town Board held December 8 it was noted that the Red Cross has requested that the Holton Community Center be a long-term shelter since there are none identified in Holton.

The town does not have its own generator, but that is not an actual requirement. The Red Cross would provide a generator in an emergency situation. The board asked that Gretchen Moore, town clerk, contact Red Cross representative Delbert Felix to talk with them at the January meeting. They noted Felix would be able to give the board first hand information and answer questions.

The Town of Holton is continuing to pursue an alliance with the Holton Water Company to help them collect serious overdue sewer bills by turning the water off. Town attorney John Ertel is still working on a proposal to present to the water company.

The Holton Water Company is discussing proposing they collect the sewer bills, for a fee paid to them by the Holton Sewer Department. After much discussion, this issue was tabled until the January meeting.

A grant has been secured from the Railroad Grade Crossing Fund in the amount of $782.00 for the town, which would help them be able to replace aging railroad crossing signs. It was noted that grant papers must be completed by December 30, 2011. From that point, it would be ten weeks before the money would be awarded to Holton. The board agreed they will have to wait until the process is complete to upgrade the signs.

Resolution 2011-10, which will allow for a fund transfer loan from the Edit Fund to the General Fund in the amount of $12,000.00 as a temporary loan to allow the town needed funds until the end of 2011, was approved unanimously. This loan became necessary because the town has not yet received the fall property tax settlement.

In other finances, the Riverboat certificate of deposit in the amount of $25,000 matured. Unanimous approval was given to roll over that $25,000 CD for another year.

The proposed sewer budget which has to be completed by December 20, 2011, was approved unanimously with some adjustments. The Holton Sewage Works 2012 budget is as follows:

Revenue: $72,000.00 - users; $325.00 - interest for a total of $72,325.00.

Actual expenses for 2011:
Salaries: $6,930.00; operator: $10,200.00; bond payment: $21,180.00; electric: $9,820.00; telephone: $1,915.00; fuel: $385.00; postage: $1,015.00; repairs and maintenance: $29,000.00; testing: $480.00; water: $518.00; and misc: 2,902.00.

Projected for 2012:
Salaries: $9,830.00; operator: $10,200.00; bond payment: $21,180.00; electric: $10,800.00; telephone: $2,000.00; fuel: $750.00; postage: $1,100.00; repairs and maintenance: $10,000.00; testing: $500.00; water: $570.00; and misc: $3,000.

Misc is broken down to the following:
Permits: $1,050.00; dues: $100.00; attorney fees: $500.00; software: $1,200.00; and receipt book: $52.00.

These amounts reflect a net profit of $2,395.00.

In other news, Tom McConnell has agreed to pay his delinquent sewer bill if the town is willing to pay for installing a shut-off valve and will agree to provide maintenance on this valve in the future.

The board approved board member Angi Farrell to purchase a Christmas tree and needed lights and ornaments for 2012 at a cost of no more than $500, which prices might be lower.

Those attending the December meeting were Angi Farrell, Paul Hughes, Gretchen Moore, Andy Stratton, and Cathie Stratton.

The Holton Town Board will have its year-end meeting December 27 at 6:00 p.m. in the community center. The next regular business meeting will be January 12, 2012.