Jeremiah J. McIntosh waives rights to jury trial
Holton man says he's guilty of voluntary manslaughter charge

Wanda English Burnett

Last week Jeremiah J. McIntosh, 34 of Holton, pled guilty to Voluntary Manslaughter, a Class B Felony.

The charge stemmed from a fight that occurred on April 3 when McIntosh beat Jeffrey Benham, 48, Versailles, with a baseball bat. Benham later died from those injuries.
According to the plea agreement filed on December 20 in Ripley County Circuit Court, McIntosh waived his right to a jury trial. The agreement is that the defendant will be sentenced to 20 years in prison with three years suspended to probation. He will receive credit for any days already served regarding the incident.

After McIntosh has served his 17 years with the Department of Corrections, he will have to follow terms of probation such as not committing a criminal act or violate any traffic law, pay probation fees, receive any treatment directed by the probation department, follow additional terms of probation as the court determines and have no contact with Benham’s family.

According to Ripley Publishing Co. files, McIntosh’s twin brother, Jason, told police that Benham showed up at his residence with at least 40 people the day of the fight. He told police that basically his brother was defending himself against Benham.

After the fight, McIntosh fled to St. Cloud, Florida, and was arrested there on May 4. He was transported back to Ripley County and incarcerated at the Ripley County Jail.

McIntosh had just been released from jail on a separate charge the day before the incident occurred. He told police he was scared and that’s why he went to Florida. He told police Benham had a stick in his hand when he came up the driveway and that Benham swung at him first. He said he only hit Benham once.

In the Probable Cause Affidavit a pathologist at University Hospital noted that Benham died from “blunt force trauma.”

There were a lot of people at the residence where the fight took place. Many had different stories of what had actually happened. Some of those involved in telling police lies have been charged since and already served their time.

McIntosh will be sentenced in January.