December 6, 2011

South Ripley Lady Raider senior Jessica Foster is a 2011-12 IHSAA Sportsmanship Athlete Role Model

Gary Franklin, Sports Editor

Out of a group of approximately 85 - 90 highly recommended and talented student-athletes nominated statewide for the selection to the 2011-12 IHSAA Sportsmanship Program, six were selected. South Ripley Lady Raider senior Jessica Foster (pictured at right) was named to that elite group.
The concept for the IHSAA 2011-12 Sportsmanship Program is: "Does your attitude match your altitude?" In the IHSAA's (Indiana High School Athletic Association) search for positive role models for their 2011-12 Sportsmanship role model campaign, three were submitted from South Ripley High School by athletic director Deb Jett. They included: seniors Jessica Foster and Kasey King and junior Trey Sparks.
The inception of the program began several years ago, when the IHSAA identified the need within Indiana high schools to promote good sportsmanship - not just among high school student-athletes, but also among their fans, their parents and even their coaches.
Each summer the 360Group assists the IHSAA in creating an annual campaign to promote positive sportsmanship. Student athletes who exhibit the attributes of good sportsmanship are featured in the campaign. Some of the basic criteria for nomination are: Must exhibit good sportsmanship both on and off the field/court and not hold any sportsmanship penalties or infractions; must be a role model - someone whom their teammates admire and look up to; must practice a healthy life-style; must be in good standing academically and must be someone your school would be proud to have representing it in a statewide program.
After selection, these student-athletes are asked to attend a professional photo shoot. A few key photos are selected from the photo shoot and applied to a poster and print ad layout. The posters and print ads are distributed at the beginning of the school year to each high school athletic department, along with sportsmanship-themed radio public service announcements - all materials carrying a consistent "positive sportsmanship" message. The print ads are also used by the IHSAA in its tournament print programs. Foster's photo was selected to be used as a print ad and will be included in the upcoming IHSAA girls basketball tournament.
Congratulations to all three SRHS students on being nominated and especially to Jessica Foster for being selected to elite group of six.