Town of Osgood to get organized

Wanda English Burnett

Tonight, January 3 at 6 p.m. the Osgood Town Board will hold their organizational meeting for the year 2012.

At the December 20 meeting several claims were presented that were all unanimously approved. They included:

• Water Project Claims - Commonwealth Engineers: $12,042.82 additional water main design & bidding, construction, and RPR; Mitchell & Stark, change order #9 - $3,100 North clarifier pitting and rust repair; change order #10 - $9,812 upgrade filter level monitor; and pay estimate #A10 - $203,688.65.

• Commonwealth Engineers - $8,717.37 for project representative.

• Safe Routes to School claims were from Midwestern Engineers in the amount of $18,750 and was made for project representative/inspection.

• Wastewater Project Claims were presented from Mitchell and Stark, pay estimate #2 for $232,647.97 and from Commonwealth Engineers for $21,830.94.

• Commonwealth Engineers asked the board to sign the Certificate of Substantial Completion on the Stormwater Project with exception to the work that will need to be done in the spring.

• Pat Zaharako, Commonwealth Engineers, also requested approval for Change Order #A11 for change out of an electrical outlet for $1,000 on the water project.

It was noted that on Division C of the water project, three quotes were requested from contractors and only one contractor turned in a quote. In order to satisfy Rural Development this project will need to be re-quoted.

Steve Linville with the Osgood Volunteer Fire Department came before the board saying they had been turned down for the grant they had applied for through OCRA to purchase a truck. He said they will be reapplying to the Reynolds Foundation for additional funding.

The price of the truck will increase $8,000 after December 31. He said he would ask the Reynolds Foundation for the money, but if they could not help, he requested the town pay $37,000. The council noted they would take the request under advisement and wait to see what the final decision would be from the Reynolds Foundation in the matter.

Town Marshal Eric Roush gave his report: they had assisted 10 agencies; worked 2 thefts, 1 burglary, given 5 citations, and responded to 1 alarm. They are also giving warnings for Ordinance Violations.

In the sewer department, Tony Wood stated the project is coming along good. He has given a list of things to add on to Commonwealth Engineers. Also, Wood requested $14,789 for the repair and replacement of the camera unit.

Al Stong of Commonwealth Engineers presented Change Order #1 for $22,468 for the Wastewater Project. This is for builder’s risk insurance, additional digester isolation valve and piping, installation of a replacement water service meter, revisions to excess flow pump station and new 2" and 3" backflow preventers.

The next regular meeting of the Osgood Town Board will be January 17, 2012.