Charges of Child Molest and Incest filed
Milan man faces felony charges for crimes against children in Dearborn and Ripley counties

Wanda English Burnett

Charges were filed on Jesse Doyle, Jr., 47, of Milan, on December 20 in Ripley County Circuit Court after police began investigating a complaint that he had molested a child several years ago.

According to information from the Probable Cause Affidavit filed in Ripley County Circuit Court, a call to police from the victim started the process back in May of 2011.
The victim met with Detective Tom Baxter of the Indiana State Police where the victim told police of the alleged ordeal. The victim told of sexual acts endured since the age of 12. The victim said this had occurred numerous times over a five-year period in a home in the Milan area dating back to 2005.

A recorded call to the alleged perpetrator from police was made. Doyle was confronted by the victim with him responding, “if he could change history he would.” He apologized for putting the victim through “hell”. Doyle explained his actions as “being an alcoholic or drug addict, you crave it in your body to get it.”

Since May of 2011 Doyle has been incarcerated in the Dearborn County Jail on a separate case of child molesting - one he admitted to, saying it only happened once. When police went to the home where Doyle was staying, he hid behind the bedroom door. However, police soon discovered he was inside the Milan home.

When confronted with the new case, it was discovered there were two victims, both to which Doyle admitted to having sexual relations with. Doyle said he had no clue why it happened, saying pornography was involved and he was an emotional wreck from the time he was 14 years of age and does not know if "the contact was something to fill a void or to get his emotions on track."

Ripley County Prosecutor Ric Hertel has charged Doyle with Child Molesting and Incest. The prosecutor told The Versailles Republican Doyle is still in the Dearborn County Jail and when he is released from there he will face the charges pending in Ripley County.

Hertel explained state police have been investigating the case for some time and since Doyle was incarcerated in Dearborn County on a rather high bond, they didn’t have to rush with the new charges. It’s not sure when Doyle will come to trial on the Dearborn County charge, but that will determine when he is brought to Ripley County.

Jesse Doyle, Jr.