The Central House to be featured on A&E's Biography channel

Wanda English Burnett

Have you ever wondered if an old building was haunted?
If so, Paranormal 911 Investigators, Indianapolis, is the group to call.

The rumors that The Old Central House in Napoleon has more to offer that what meets the naked eye, has been proved according to this team.

This weekend anyone can participate in the next public paranormal investigation at the Napoleon Central House. According to Sean and Mary Barrett, founders and lead investigators for Paranormal 911 Investigations, this will be a “hands-on” four hour investigation that will be held this Saturday, January 14 beginning at 9 p.m. and ending at 1 a.m.

The results of a former investigation by Paranormal 911 Investigations at the Central House, which revealed paranormal activity, will be aired on the Biography channel. Times will be announced as soon as they are released.

Mary Barrett has a little more of a connection than most people might have to the Central House. She is related to Pat Hicks, whose family has had a big connection to the historic building dating back to the 1800’s. She said when she contacted Pat about doing some investigating work at The Old Central House, she was told, “Oh, yes - it’s haunted!”

The house holds rich history that is taught to fourth graders in the area each year including the fact it was a doctor’s office (relatives of Pat Hicks), Drover’s Inn, saloon, family residences, apartments, and a gourmet restaurant.

Hicks and one of the investigators on the team, Lori Rose of Milan, will be traveling later this month to California to film a segment about The Old Central House that will be aired on the Biography channel. Rose agreed it was exciting and said she has been in the ‘business’ for a number of years on her own. The free-lance artist just recently joined the Indianapolis based team of investigators.

This isn’t the group’s first time to be on the Biography channel. They’ve had at least six other segments aired and anticipate two more in the near future.

The team was in Batesville last weekend at the request of the owner of the Sherman House Restaurant, Doug Bessler.

Bessler told The Versailles Republican that he’s been asked for years about whether or not the Sherman House was haunted. He said he would jokingly reply, “Yes, we’re haunted.” Now, he’s going to find out.

The team swooped in with the latest technology and began setting up in Batesville last Friday night. Several members of the team, which include firefighters, EMT’s, paramedics, nurses, psychologists, teachers, hair stylists, and more, leave their day jobs and have come on board with Paranormal 911 Investigations LLC. They use electrical, mechanical and intuitive devices along with night vision and video equipment to let others see what they find.

Just walking into some of the rooms at the Sherman House, the old laundry room and rooms downstairs, team members were giving each other the knowing nod. They won’t know for a while exactly what they have found because it takes several hours for them to dicpiher what they have captured on video. “Stay tuned, we’ll let you know what is here,” noted Bessler, who says he’s already had several people, even children, interested in finding out about the alleged ghosts or spirits at the Sherman House.

“We’re not just thrill seeking ghost hunters,” noted Mary, “It’s more about history.” She said the team has investigated Bonaparte’s Retreat at Napoleon, which is connected with the Underground Railroad era.

While much of their work is done at night, make no mistake, Paranormal 911 Investigations is no fly-by-night company. They are a group of professional paranormal investigators who take what they do seriously. On their website they note, “We strive to document and gain understanding of these events through standardized investigation techniques, and scientific instruments and devices.”

The above would be a fair statement about the company, according to the Barretts, and Jeffrey Poe, a licensed minister psychic and Reiki Master, who was at the Sherman House in Batesville recently.

What began as a hobby for the Barretts has snowballed into the organization they now operate today. They have quite an impressive resume of events under their belts and say they are all about “helping people.” The non-profit organization presents themselves as “your first responders for a paramergency!” They promise never to fabricate or make up evidence to promote themselves.

To contact Paranormal 911 Investigations you can call 317-840-9020 or 317-440-2865 or email them: You can also check out their website: