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April 16, 2013

Napoleon to participate in Neighborhood
Watch program presented by ISP

Cindy Ward
Staff Writer

The Town of Napoleon is preparing to kick off a Neighborhood Watch Program. Sgt. Noel Houze, with the Indiana State Police, presented an instructional PowerPoint presentation to those in attendance for the April 10 meeting of the Napoleon Town Council.

Amy Meyer, former manager of Youngman's Marathon, was instrumental in getting the ball rolling after the convenience store and gas station had been burglarized several times and robbed at gun point within a short period of time.

Sgt. Houze explained that although budget constraints may restrict the town from having its own officer, a Neighborhood Watch Program is an excellent way to deter crime. The best way to do this is to get everyone involved, including youth and seniors.

The town will hold its first organizational watch meeting at 7 p.m., Wednesday, April 24, and is encouraging all Napoleon residents to attend. At this meeting, leaders will be appointed and ideas discussed on getting the program going. Council urges this is also a great way for Napoleon residents to get to know their neighbors. Sheriff Tom Grills has been invited to attend and address the group, as well. Pizza will be provided by Boehner's Market.

Present at the meeting were Council President Tim Vankirk, Clerk-Treasurer Karen Rohlfing, Board Member John Snyder, and Utility Manager Rod Eaton. Several town residents were also present for the Neighborhood Watch presentation.

Council accepted the resignation letter of Tim Brancamp, effective March 31. Brancamp has moved from the area and is no longer eligible to serve on the board. Ginger Bradford, Republican chairperson, will be contacted to appoint someone to fill Brancamp's empty seat and complete his term. Brancamp also served on the Ripley County Economic Development Committee. Vankirk said that Jerry Vollmer is interested in replacing Brancamp on the committee.

How to deal with a town resident who has been blocking an alley owned by the town, causing problems for delivery trucks, semis and others was discussed. Last month, Brancamp approached a young child riding a four-wheeler unattended on property owned by the town by the vacant VFW building. Concerned for the child's safety, as well as the town's liability in the event an accident would occur, Brancamp told the child that she needed to go on home. This allegedly upset the child's parents, who in turn took it upon themselves to line up several vehicles in the rear of their residence blocking drivers from coming through their lot. The lot adjoins with a town alley, which is also blocked by this particular resident's disabled junk vehicles.

Council decided to talk to the property owner to try and come up with a resolution to the issue. It was decided to inform the property owner if he removes the disabled vehicles, the town will fix up the alley way. Snyder suggested putting up a chain fence across the bridge leading to the VFW parking lot to keep people off the property, as well.

Other business discussed or conducted included:

• The fiscal plan for the annexation, prepared by Attorney Larry Eaton and presented at the March meeting, was adopted.

• The agreement with the Napoleon Fire Department was signed for their annual picnic, to be held Friday and Saturday, July 19-20, at the town park.

• The children's play area at the park was discussed. Members plan to look into possible grants to add more play equipment.

The next regular meeting of the Napoleon Town Council will be at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 8, at the Napoleon Town Hall.

Osgood businesses on the move

Wanda English Burnett


Pictured above the Voldico and Encore Insurance agency building which will be torn down and a new United Community Bank building will be erected in its place. The Voldico and Encore Insurance Agency will move into the present UCB building, pictured below for a while until the new bank is built. Operations at both businesses will not be interrupted during this process.

The United Community Bank (UCB) in Osgood, and Voldico and Encore Insurance companies, are looking to the future, which brings a location change for both.

According to information from Steven Huff, UCB, the facility they are in now at 420 South Buckeye Street will become the home of Voldico and Encore Insurance. The bank has plans to demolish the building next door to them that Voldico and Encore Insurance is now in and build a new bank at 510 South Buckeye Street, just across the road from each other, still on the east side of US 421 or Buckeye Street.

Jerry Vollmer, who along with his wife, Anita, owns the building where Voldico and Encore Insurance are located, told the Osgood Journal that he needs the space with the growth Voldico is experiencing. "I've always admired the (bank) building," he noted, saying he knew it would make a nice location to expand should the opportunity ever arise.

Employees of Voldico and Encore Insurance will be moving on April 26 to the present UCB building. The insurance company and bank will co-exist for a few months until the new bank building can be built.

According to Huff of UCB, there is plenty of room now for the two businesses to be together and customers should not expect to see service interrupted. "It will be business as usual," he told the Osgood Journal.

Voldico is a supplier of standard insurance markets for insurance agencies in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky. Vollmer noted that the company now has 12 employees. "We have no room now," he noted. They are planning to expand their operations and future employment positions at their new location at 420 South Buckeye Street.

Both UCB and Voldico are pleased with the new investments to the town of Osgood, and say officials have been very helpful in their endeavors.

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