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July 26, 2016 • Headline News
Queen Carah Beck delivers first pig into the tire during the Greased Pig Contest at the Ripley County 4-H Fair in Osgood.
As soon as they got the okay, the kids jumped out of the huge tire, and ran in the mud, hoping they were faster than the greased pigs they were trying to catch! The messy but fun contest was sponsored by the county parks and recreation on Friday evening at the fairgrounds. The fair officially opened Sunday. GARY FRANKLIN PHOTO
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Ripley County and Minnesota 4-Hers meet

Arlene Knudson

“I could have jumped across the Mississippi River!” said Keagan Moster, Of course, this was in Carver County, Minnesota where the head waters of the Mississippi River begin.

Ripley County 4-H Jr LeadersSUBMITTED PHOTO
The Ripley County 4-H Jr. Leaders are pictured with the Minnesota group. The 4-H Jr. Leaders participating in this trip include Baylee Dwenger, Keagan Moster, Zachariah Riehle, Colton Kunz, Ethan Hansen, Alex Dudley, Jordan Meyer, Shayla Meinders, Oliver Moster, Trenton Miller, and Shelby Hiltenbeitel. Chaperones were Dave and Karen Osborne and Monica Hansen, 4-H board president.

Eleven Ripley County Jr. Leaders and three chaperones spent one week in July in Minnesota. Moster reported a highlight of the trip was seeing the mighty Mississippi look like a creek.

Other memorable events included visiting a mansion where a murder took place then seeing a musical based upon this 1977 crime, attending the Chanhassen dinner theater with a backstage tour to see the sets and costumes of the musical “The Beauty and The Beast,” and developing relationships with other 4-H kids. Ripley County is one of the few Indiana -counties that still do the interstate exchange with other states, according to Dave Osborne, Ripley County Extension Agent. Ripley County has participated in this program for over 50 years.

The interstate exchange is a two-year program where one Indiana county will host Jr. Leaders from another state. The following year, that county hosts the Indiana county Jr. Leaders. It’s a valuable educational and cultural experience for the kids, 4-H leaders said. Students must document their trip and create displays that are then shown at the county fair. Some of the documentation must include similarities and differences between the home county and the host county 4-H projects, cultures, and fairs. For more information about 4-H call 812-689-6511.

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Application deadline is Friday, August 5.
Tyson Fund grant applications available
Many years ago, before Jim Tyson passed away, he wanted to set up a system to perpetually assist the residents in Versailles with things that might otherwise increase their taxes. He decided that he would set up a trust so that groups that are nonprofit and hold an IRS 501c (3) or (4) exemption could request funds to help them out with projects that would otherwise fall on the taxpayers in the Versailles area! For more information about the Tyson Fund, eligibility and how to apply read page 2 of the Osgood Journal dated June 14.

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